Articles of SASU




The SASU comprises, in principle, a single shareholder who is in charge of the management. It is possible to switch from a one-man SAS to an SAS, composed of several partners. It is sufficient for the sole shareholder to take the decision to sell part of his shares. The conversion also takes place when the sole shareholder dies. The SASU regime has been greatly eased by the legislator, who, in 2008, provided that the appointment of an auditor is no longer mandatory, unless the company exceeds certain thresholds. There is also no longer a minimum capital requirement. The amount of the latter is freely fixed by the statutes. In addition, the sole shareholder who personally assumes the chairmanship no longer has to insert documents and particulars subject to disclosure (such as a change in the company’s situation) before they can be set up against third parties in the BODACC. Finally, the sole shareholder no longer has to file the company’s management report with the RCS.


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