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The Court of Cassation is the same: the share of retribution must be sustained by the resumption of the operation of the machine (Cass.Soc. 6 July 2010). , n °09-40021 ). For the duration of maternity leave, I depend on the use of maternity leave or for the inclusion of the beneficiary guarantee, at the same time there is nothing in the future, the increase in salary is granted to my colleagues during the assembly. The maternity leave should not affect the prospective professional of the nurse.Un decree del 7 luglio 2011, en vigore il 1° gennaio 2012, prevede sanzioni in caso di mancato rispetto del principio della parità retributiva.

Ancora more recently, the leg of 4 years ago 2014 on the parità tra uomini and gives a chance to include it to take parental leave, to condition the access to a glistening appalti pubblici al rispetto da parte aziende della parità professionale, to protect the madri single For non-retributory maintenance, it extends the principle of parity to all of our liability ambitions. Allows you to ignore the violence against the data, thanks to the strengthening of the protection system and the reaction to the molestation. Avvocato Grégory DAMY diritto del lavoro, parità di retribuzione, 2022