Convening of works council ordinary monthly meeting


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You are the manager of a company and you employ more than 50 employees. In this case, a works council should be set up. Works council members (members, alternates and trade union representatives on the works council) must be called to a meeting by the works council chairman. Persons outside the committee whose presence at the meeting is envisaged by the Labour Code (labour doctor, labour consultant, auditor, chartered accountant, technical expert, etc.) must also be convened. The frequency of works council meetings depends on the number of employees your company employs: if your company has 150 or more employees, the meeting takes place at least once a month if your company has less than 150 employees, the meeting takes place every two months. The convening notice shall specify the place, time and date of the meeting. In practice, the convening notice and the agenda are grouped together on the same medium. Since the agenda must be communicated to the members of the works council at least three days before the meeting concerned, the notice must be communicated within the same deadline.


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