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La société d’avocats Damy

La Société d'avocats Damy à Nice assure une prestation de haut niveau, de la consultation d’un avocat à la représentation en justice. Les avocats du cabinet sont compétents en droit des affaires, des sociétés, droit immobilier, droit bancaire, droit social, droit des victimes et cas de dommages corporels. Membre de l’Association des avocats praticiens en droit social, Maître Grégory Damy dispose de certificats de spécialisation.  

The article shows that enterprise negotiation is the means of operating a decentralised legal regulation at enterprise level. In many restructurings, companies find solutions through employment agreements. The latter highlight a decentralization of the law. They allow an adaptation, a creation of rules corresponding to the specific needs of the economic operator. This company negotiation is even an instrument for the evolution and modification of national law.

The work carried out tends to confirm that the very idea of a hierarchy of norms is undoubtedly, if not outdated, at least taken up in more complex entanglements. The traditional pyramid system seems to be replaced by a circular system that tends not to oppose and exclude, but rather to reconcile rules of different origins that feed on each other. It is now less about supremacy and inferiority than about interaction and the combination of sources.

These various sources serve different interests and contribute to the formation of a new law, adapted to the specificity and constraints of the market.

Since 24/09/2017, the Macron ordinances have generated new rules applicable to company negotiations, giving companies much more freedom and obligations. In fact, except for public policy provisions, employers may negotiate more freely with employees but they are also obliged to do so at least every 4 years.

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Law firm DAMY, Nice, Labour law updated 2018.