In recent days, new motorway toll systems have been tested in France. In concrete terms, cameras will be installed above certain motorway crossing points instead of the current counters and barriers.

Vehicle plates will be registered and the cost of the toll will be due as before except that the payment terms will be multiple:

- you can purchase a subscription badge to be affixed to the windshield in advance, the amount due will then be automatically debited from your bank account,

- you will be able to pay the amount due online on a dedicated website,

- you can pay in cash at a partner merchant (gas stations, post offices.....), - you can pay at the terminals provided for this purpose near the motorway gates. They will certainly be installed in nearby areas.

Whatever your choice, you will have 10 days to pay the amount due (except in the case of instant withdrawal).

If you fail to pay it will cost you 20 euros in penalty in addition to the amount to be paid initially.

These new installations will necessarily have a cost for the user, but the main advantage will undoubtedly be the fluidity of the motorway network.

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