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The decree of August 27, 2012, establishes guidelines for the distribution of heating costs and supplements the provisions outlined in the decree of April 23, 2012, which pertains to the allocation of heating costs based on individual consumption. It specifically addresses cases where the application of the April decree is technically impractical.

Technical Constraints: Cases Where Individual Heating Measurement is Impractical:-

Buildings falling under Article R.* 131-3 of the Construction and Housing Code, for which it is not feasible to measure the heat consumed by each room individually, include those where:

  • Heating is emitted through a slab without the possibility of room-wise measurement.
  • The heating system comprises heat emitters connected in series (such as monotubes in series).
  • The heating system utilizes hot air heating systems.
  • The heating system is equipped with steam-operated emitters.
  • The heating installation involves coils, finned tubes, hot water convectors, or fan coils without individual heating loops in each room.

The decree also establishes an energy consumption threshold, beyond which collective buildings must comply with the regulations. This threshold has been set to ensure the economic viability of implementing the regulations.

Additionally, the decree outlines provisions for the distribution of annual heating costs, applicable to either the building owner or the co-ownership of the collective building.

Energy Consumption Thresholds and Compliance Requirements in Collective Buildings:-

It is important to note that two consumption thresholds have been identified:

  • Buildings where some dwellings are equipped with thermostatic valves (with over 20% of radiators equipped) must have an average final energy consumption of more than 150 kWh/m².year to be subject to the obligation of individualizing heating costs.
  • Buildings without thermostatic valves must consume more than 190 kWh/m².year of final energy to be obligated to individualize heating costs and install devices to regulate heat emission in the dwellings.

The decree mandates that devices installed in buildings subject to the regulations must be operational by March 31, 2017. This ensures compliance with the specified requirements for the distribution of heating costs and the individualization of heating expenses.

Overall, the decree provides clarity on the technical constraints, energy consumption thresholds, and implementation guidelines concerning the distribution of heating costs in collective buildings, aiming to establish fair and efficient practices in this regard.