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In a judgment of July 4, 2012, the first civil chamber of the Court of Cassation dismissed the appeal: “given that it is in the exercise of its sovereign power that the Court of Appeal has, in view of all the documents adduced in the proceedings and without distortion of these, on the one hand, considered that the sole source of the couple’s income, he had not contributed in proportion to his income to household expenses and maintenance of the marital home and had shown prepotence in family life and deduced therefrom that these facts constituted a serious and renewed violation of the duties and obligations of marriage justifying the pronouncement of the divorce to his exclusive faults, on the other hand,found that the breakdown of the marriage created in the living conditions of the spouses a disparity whose compensation called for the allocation to his spouse of the compensatory allowance which the latter set the amount;

that these reasons, which escape the grievances of the means, legally justify its decision. »

In this case, the compensatory allowance is 200,000 euros.

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