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Automotive FAQs The European Commission has published a comprehensive set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) dealing with the application of European Union (EU) regulations regarding cartels and abuse of dominant position in the automotive sector. These FAQs are intended to provide clarification and guidance to interested parties regarding the Commission’s approach to the  application  of these regulations.

In May 2010, the Commission introduced a new block exemption regulation for motor vehicles and accompanying guidelines. Recognizing the need for practical advice on the implementation of these rules, the Commission recently published the FAQs in response to requests from various stakeholders and national competition authorities. These FAQs are based on input and inquiries received during the initial implementation period of the new regulations.

Purpose and context of the FAQ: –

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) published by the European Commission aims to provide clarification and guidance on the application of EU rules regarding cartels and abuse of dominant position in the automotive sector. The FAQs have been developed in response to requests from interested parties and national competition authorities for  practical advice  on the implementation of the new rules.

Key areas covered in the FAQ:-

The FAQs cover six specific areas to address various issues within the automotive sector, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the Commission’s approach:

  1. Application of guarantees
  2. Maintenance under leasing contracts
  3. Supply of spare parts
  4. Use and purchase of electronic diagnostic and repair tools
  5. Access to technical information
  6. Access to networks of authorized repairers

By examining these key areas , the Commission aims to provide guidance and promote fair competition within the automotive industry, in particular as regards aftermarkets where competition tends to be less vigorous than in the markets for the sale of new cars.