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This concerns all employees who have no longer had a job since November 1, 2017. An end of contract or termination date of October 31, 2017 must be taken into account. The date of termination must not be taken into account. registration with Pôle Emploi which has no impact. From 1 November 2017, access to compensation is possible once you have worked 610 hours or 88 days. However, the conditions of access to unemployment benefitsremain unchanged, that is to say that it is necessary, in particular, to have worked at least 4 months as an employee, to have lost one’s job involuntarily (except in certain cases of resignation) and to register as a jobseeker. The method of calculation has been corrected since November 1, 2017. Thus people who combine small jobs of very short duration will be compensated in the same way as those who have lost jobs of longer duration, whereas until then the former received more compensation. high. Unemployment compensation is always preceded by a waiting period. Since November 1, this period has been reduced to 150 days instead of 180 (75 days for redundancies). These compensation periods now apply to everyone, including people benefiting from business creation assistance. The durations of compensation are modified from the age of 53. Before age 53, the maximum duration is 24 months. From 53 to 54 years old, this duration increases to 30 months (if these people decide to take training, they may be compensated for up to 6 months). From the age of 55, the duration of compensation is increased to 36 months.DAMY law firm – news on unemployment – ​​November 2017