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poorly managed package! Lost or stolen package  … what recourse? We advise you point by point on the steps to take, from the simple declaration  to the administrative investigation.

How to claim your package?

On the one hand, you must go to the post office with your receipt and claim your package, and on the other hand, send the Post Office a formal notice to fulfill its obligation to deliver the package.

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How to go to court?

If the Post does not fulfill its obligation, the case must be brought before the regional court. This process must be carried out within one year of the shipment of the package.
In addition, it is possible to go to local justice, which takes charge of disputes under 4,000 euros. This justice is free and fast.

How to get the best pay?

To be better compensated in court, you must of course keep the deposit receipt. Please note: the Post Office limits compensation to 23 euros per kilo of goods entrusted, which rarely corresponds to the value of the object. It is therefore safer to make, when depositing the package, a declaration of the value of the object. DAMY
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