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Guarantee of Conformity for Consumers

In the realm of consumer rights, buyers have the option to choose between the guarantee of conformity of goods to the contract and other traditional forms of penalties for non-performance. This guarantee is a result of the transposition of Community Directive No. 1999/44/EC into French law in 2005. It ensures that consumers receive products that meet the terms and conditions specified in the contract.

Under the guarantee of conformity, if the purchased goods do not meet the agreed-upon specifications or if they are defective, the consumer has the right to demand their repair, replacement, or even a partial or full refund. This guarantee serves as a means of protecting consumers’ interests and ensuring that they receive products that meet their expectations and requirements.

Compensation Options for Non-Conforming Goods

In addition to the guarantee of conformity, consumers also have recourse to traditional forms of penalties for non-performance if they encounter issues with the goods they have purchased. These penalties can include seeking compensation in kind, such as requesting the seller to fulfill their obligations or provide compensation for any damages incurred due to non-conforming goods.

If the purchased goods do not meet the agreed-upon terms and conditions, consumers have the right to take legal action to enforce their rights and seek appropriate compensation. This can involve filing a complaint, engaging in negotiations with the seller, or even pursuing legal proceedings to ensure that their rights as consumers are upheld.

By providing consumers with both the guarantee of conformity and the ability to seek compensation for non-conforming goods, the legal framework aims to protect their rights and promote fair trade practices. These measures ensure that consumers are not left with substandard products and have appropriate avenues for redress in case of non-compliance with the contract.


Consumer rights in France include the guarantee of conformity, which ensures that goods purchased by consumers meet the specifications outlined in the contract. This guarantee allows consumers to seek repair, replacement, or refund if the goods are non-conforming or defective. Additionally, consumers have the option to pursue traditional forms of penalties for non-performance, which can involve seeking compensation in kind. These rights empower consumers and provide them with legal recourse if they encounter issues with the goods they have purchased. The combination of the guarantee of conformity and compensation options promotes fair trade practices and safeguards consumers’ interests in the marketplace.