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Previously: Independent Authorities for Citizens’ Rights and Freedoms

In the past, there were four  independent authorities  responsible for safeguarding the rights and freedoms of citizens in France. These authorities included the mediator of the Republic, the defender of children, the national commission for security ethics and the Halde (High Authority for the fight against discrimination  and  for equality). Each of these institutions played a vital role in addressing specific issues and ensuring that the rights of individuals were protected.

However, in recent times, an important change has taken place, leading to the consolidation of these independent authorities. Today, these institutions have been absorbed and replaced by a single entity called Defender of Rights. This new institution serves as a general body to defend the rights and interests of individuals facing various challenges and discriminations.

Defender of rights : defending equality and fighting against discrimination

The Defender of Rights is an independent institution which constitutes an essential pillar for safeguarding the rights and freedoms of citizens in France. It acts as an advocate for people who are victims of discrimination, those who encounter difficulties in their interactions with public services, people who face problems with public or private security forces and children whose rights have been violated.

This institution plays a crucial role in providing legal assistance, advice and support to people in need. It aims to combat instances of discrimination, promote equality and ensure fair treatment for all members of society. By consolidating the responsibilities of the former independent authorities, the Defender of Rights has the expertise and means to deal effectively with a wide range of issues affecting the well-being and rights of citizens.


The grouping together of the independent authorities responsible for protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens within the Defender of Rights marks a significant development to ensure comprehensive and streamlined support for people in France. With its broad mandate, this institution is well equipped to deal with cases of discrimination, support those who face challenges with public services and advocate for children’s rights. By promoting equality and fighting against various forms of discrimination, the Defender of Rights plays an essential role in respecting the principles of justice , equity and human rights for all individuals in French society.