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Cancellation, loss of luggage, accident… What does standard travel insurance include, included in the price of your stay or your ticket? Do I need to take out additional insurance?

Trip cancellation?

Yes, when it is due to the death or illness of the traveler or some of his relatives. But also in the event of serious material damage suffered by the main residence of the traveler or by his professional premises. It is necessary to refer to the clauses of the insurance policy which generally require a serious reason before any reimbursement. A word of advice: report the claim quickly and provide all the supporting documents establishing the illness, death or serious material damage.

Loss, theft or damage to luggage during transport or stay?

You should refer to the terms of the insurance policy to find out what is specifically covered. The traveler must report the claim without delay and prove the loss, theft or damage by providing the carrier’s receipt or the report of the filing of a complaint with the local authorities. He must also justify the contents of the suitcase and its value by providing, for example, invoices, photographs of the objects or even certificates from third parties proving ownership of the property.

The risk of accident or illness?

Depending on the seriousness of your condition, assessed by the expert doctor from the insurance company, a sum may be allocated to you. If the medical and hospitalization costs are not covered by Social Security or by a complementary mutual insurance company, the insurer will cover them. It is he who decides on the need for medical repatriation and bears the costs thereof.

The civil liability of the traveler?

It is necessary to check the clauses of your travel policy but also of your multi-risk home insurance. The insurer covers damage caused to third parties as well as legal costs in local courts. In the event of criminal proceedings, the traveler will most often have to take out additional insurance.