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Several senators, led by Mr. Jacques Mézard, tabled on July 31, 2012, bill no. 735 relating to medical assistance in dying .

The purpose of article 1 of this proposal is to add a new paragraph to article L. 1110-9 of the Public Health Code providing that “any capable person of full age, in the advanced or terminal phase of an accidental or serious and incurable pathological condition, inflicting on him physical or psychological suffering which cannot be appeased or which he considers unbearable, may request to benefit, under the conditions provided for in this title, from medical assistance allowing, by a deliberate act, a rapid and painless death”.

Article 2 provides the procedure for implementing this assistance.

Articles 3 and 4 provide for a procedure of medical assistance in dying in the event that the person, unable to express his or her will, has left specific directives to this effect.

Article 5 establishes a system of control of acts of assistance.

Article 6 specifies the conscience clause applicable to health professionals.

Finally, article 7 provides for the training of the same health professionals in medical assistance in dying.

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