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Puis-je refuser une offre de Pôle Emploi ?

The personal training account   is entered in hours by any employee and can be used during working life to follow qualifying training.
The CPF replaced the individual to training (DIF) but the hours acquired are not lost.
Employees must open an account on the website dedicated to the CPF and declare their unused DIF hours there.
This account, once created, is automatically funded based on the time worked by the employee during the year.
For example, a full-time employee will acquire 24 hours per year of work until the acquisition of 120 hours (5 years) then 12 hours up to a ceiling of 150 hours. Beyond that, the account is no longer funded.

How do I use my acquired hours?

Only the employee can decide on the use of the hours accumulated on the CPF. The employer cannot force the employee to use his account to finance training. The employee’s refusal does not constitute a fault.
If the employee decides to use his acquired hours to take training during his working time, he must request authorization from his employer by registered letter with AR, preferably, although no particular formalism is provided for.
This request must be made 60 days before the start of the training if it lasts less than 6 months and 120 days before if it lasts more than 6 months. The employer has 30 days to inform the employee of his decision. The absence of a response within this period constitutes acceptance.
If the training takes place outside of working hours, the employee does not have to request authorization from their employer.

Am I paid during my training?

When the training takes place during working time, the employee’s remuneration is maintained since he or she works actual working time.
On the other hand, when training takes place outside of working hours, it does not give rise to additional remuneration.
DAMY law firm , Nice, The Personal Training Account (CPF), Updated 2022