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Faced with the various economic and social changes with which you are confronted, the Lawyer is the only high-level legal partner who offers you, through his profession, essential guarantees:
> secrecy,
> confidentiality , > competence, > independence.

The mission of the Lawyer is to inform you of your rights and obligations with regard to the constant evolution of legislative texts, regulations or jurisprudential decisions and informs you of their consequences.

The implementation of projects The Lawyer determines with you the feasibility of your projects in compliance with the regulations. He advises you in various areas of law.

Advice The Lawyer assists you in the conclusion of agreements and can intervene outside of any litigation context to try to reconcile the parties in dispute.

The drafting of deeds
The Lawyer also acts as a drafter of deeds (employment contracts, residential leases, professional, commercial, transfer of goodwill, all legal deeds relating to economic and social activity company or individual).

Assistance and legal representation
Finally, when only a contentious solution is possible, the Lawyer represents you and pleads, both at first instance and on appeal, before all the jurisdictions of the Judicial Order, the administrative tribunals and the Administrative Courts of ‘Appeal as well as before all jurisdictional bodies (joint and administrative commissions, disciplinary councils).