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It’s not always easy to complete your tax return! Should it be done online? What are the remedies in the event of an error?

Do I have to declare my income if I am not taxable?

No, but doing so allows you to obtain a non-taxation notice, a document necessary to obtain certain social benefits, as well as relief and exemptions, particularly in terms of local taxes.

Internet or paper?

Please note the rules have changed!! From 2016 to 2018, if your home has internet access, you are invited to submit your declaration online. If your taxable income is greater than:
– 40,000 euros in 2016;
– €28,000 in 2017;
– €15,000 in 2018;
you must submit your declaration electronically.
From 2019, this obligation will concern all taxpayers.
The tax authorities have provided for a fine of 15 euros per declaration after two breaches. However, if you do not have access to the internet given your age or your place of residence which does not allow you access given a bad network, you must make yourself known to your tax office for the inform. You will then be authorized to complete your declaration on paper.

Do I need to send supporting documents?

Sending supporting documents (for example, those giving you the right to tax credits) in support of your declaration is mandatory. However, it is impossible to do this when declaring your income on the Internet. In this case, you must keep these documents and wait for the tax authorities to ask you for them (which they will not necessarily do).

I made a mistake in my declaration

It must be rectified within three years. It is a question of sending to its tax office a new declaration as well as an explanatory letter. If the reporting error has led to an overpayment from the administration, you must claim a refund of this excess tax. Otherwise, the administration is entitled to apply late payment interest to the taxpayer.

I will not be able to file it on time

The taxpayer who is physically prevented from filing his declaration on time, either because he is abroad for professional reasons, or because he is hospitalized, can contact his taxes. It is necessary to try to negotiate with the administration the handing-over of the increase of 10% by obtaining an additional time for the deposit of its declaration.
Société d’Avocats DAMY, Nice, Taxes and duties-Declaration of income, Update 2022.