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Following the  controversies  over the veil at school and the full veil, the State decided and laws were promulgated. To better understand under what  conditions  these laws apply?

What is this law?

The law of October 2004 on secularism is valid in public schools, colleges and high schools. It prohibits the ostentatious display of religious symbols (Islamic veil, yarmulke, cross of Jesus, etc.). This law is valid both inside and outside public establishments. To date, the law does not apply to universities where students are of legal age.

Who does it apply to?

It concerns all students, but does not apply to parents of students or external candidates. External candidates must nevertheless submit to the identity verification procedures in force during a competition or examination. As for the teachers, they must respect the principle of strict neutrality: no signs, even discreet, or clothing indicating religious affiliation.

And the full veil?

The law of October 2010 , applicable in April 2011, prohibits the concealment of the face in public space. In the event of non-compliance with this, the author incurs a fine and the obligation to take a course in citizenship. Similarly, forced concealment of the face is an offense punishable by this law.

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