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Pet Guidelines   ! In France, more than one in two households owns a pet. The law, which protects owners, also imposes a certain number of obligations on them.

RIGHTS of owners

They are recognized in both civil law and criminal law. In criminal law, the theft of a pet can be punished by 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. In addition, a third party who causes the death of your animal may be required to reimburse you for its market value but also to compensate you for the damage suffered.


The obligations fall on the owners but also on the temporary guardians of the animal. One and/or the other will be civilly responsible for the acts of the animal, in particular towards the neighbors. It is therefore necessary to check whether your insurance covers the accidents that this could cause. In addition, you must respect the administrative rules: municipal decrees prohibiting access to beaches, and collection of excrement…

Dangerous dogs

Dangerous dogs can be registered on two separate regulatory lists: attack dogs whose origin cannot be found and guard dogs registered in the LOF (Book of French Origins). Walking muzzled and on a leash is mandatory. Access is restricted in public places for these types of animals. And their possession is prohibited for minors, adults under guardianship or curatorship, and people who have been convicted of crimes or acts of violence.

The “NACs”

The “NAC” designate the new pets: rats, reptiles, ferrets… It is easy to buy a “NAC” but its possession is regulated. You will have to complete an internship, the intensity of which varies according to the dangerousness of the animal, to obtain a certificate of detention issued by the police headquarters. Before any purchase, it is advisable to be well informed and a visit to the veterinarian is strongly recommended.
DAMY Law Firm , Nice, What are the regulations for my pet? 2022 Update