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Recently, the original poster for the film “Les Infidèles” was removed. In question, a degrading image that would be given to women. On television, the CSA keeps an eye on the grain. So are we moving more and more towards a climate of censorship? The point of view of Georges Kiejman, a great lawyer who notably defended the weekly Charlie Hebdo during the trial concerning the cartoons of Muhammad.

Deprogrammed films, posters removed in the metro, the controversies over the return of censorship often come up. For lawyer Georges Kiejman, the term censorship is far too strong because it is not a decision of the State. According to him, we are a long way from this puritanical and repressive era when he had to obtain a visa for the exploitation of the film “The Nun” by Jacques Rivette, which was temporarily banned in the 1960s. The real danger today for Georges Kiejman is not censorship but a reverse drift: a flood of information on the internet which is not always verified, risking spreading unfounded rumours.

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