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The parents of pupils do not always know this but they can contest certain decisions of the class council such as orientation or repetition. Likewise, they can appeal the decision to exclude their child by the Disciplinary Board.

Contesting an orientation decision

It is possible for the parents of pupils to contest an orientation decision if it does not conform to their wishes. You must immediately let the headteacher know that you do not agree with the orientation decision proposed by the class council. The headteacher can take the decision of his choice and he is not obliged to follow the opinion of the class council. Once the head teacher has made his decision, if you are still not satisfied, you can appeal to an appeal board. The appeal commission is chaired by the academy inspector. The family can be assisted by a lawyer. If the appeal is rejected, it is possible to appeal to the administrative court.


The school cannot impose repetition for the 5th and 1st classes. For example, at the end of the 1st class, the transition to the final class is automatic. At the end of the cycle (6th, 4th 3rd, 2nd), when the parents do not obtain satisfaction for the orientation paths requested, they can demand that their child repeat a year for the duration of a single year. You have to ask for an appointment with the head teacher who has the power to change the decision of the class council.

Summons before the Disciplinary Board

The student cannot be permanently expelled from a public school without the decision of the Disciplinary Board. Moreover, any sanction of exclusion exceeding 8 days can only be decided by the Disciplinary Board. The pupil has the right to be assisted by a person of his choice: a member of the family, a relative or a lawyer. Parents are advised to read the file before the disciplinary council in order to find out what their child is accused of and to see the evidence in the file. They can appeal to the recteur within 8 days of the written notification of the decision of the disciplinary council. If the appeal is rejected, the parents can appeal to the administrative court.
Société d’Avocats DAMY, Nice, What are the rights of parents of pupils? 2022 Update