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You have made a purchase on  the internet  but you are not satisfied. Did you know that you have a right of withdrawal, like for any other  transaction  ?

Consult the general conditions of sale.

You must first consult the General Conditions of Sale (GTC) of the website on which you made your purchase. They determine the terms of the contract of sale that you have concluded by purchasing the property. The provisions of the return policy are sometimes more favorable than what the law provides. The T&Cs must remind you of the right of withdrawal from which you benefit. Only certain goods, such as software whose seals have been broken, DVDs or CDs whose boxes have been opened and very personal goods, cannot be returned.

Send an email.

Simply send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, where you indicate the references of your purchase (purchase order number, property, price) and where you declare yourself dissatisfied without having to be more specific about the causes of your dissatisfaction. . Do not forget to invoke the consumer code when exercising the right of withdrawal. This letter must be sent within 7 days of receipt of the package or within 3 months if the seller has not confirmed your purchase to you in writing.
Today most online sales sites offer a return/cancellation section.
You can cancel your purchase even after making the payment a few minutes after your purchase.
If you wish to cancel your purchase after receipt of it, it is imperative to consult very precisely the conditions of the website, some of them credit you with a credit note that you must use on their site, sometimes if the product is defective you can send it back for free, the seller sends you a prepaid label to stick on your package for the return.
However, most of the time, the delivery costs you paid and the return costs remain your responsibility.

Take legal action.

In the event of refusal to reimburse the property, you can send a letter to the Regional Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention to initiate an investigation. If he deems it necessary, he will forward the file to the public prosecutor’s office, which will initiate criminal proceedings. In the event of a favorable judgment, you can claim compensation of up to 1500 euros if the seller was a natural person and 7500 if they are legal persons. You can also, after writing a letter of formal notice, file a civil action. You can go to the tribunal de grande instance for a dispute of less than 4,000 euros, the court of law for a dispute of less than 10,000 euros and the tribunal de grande instance for a dispute of more than 10,000 euros.
DAMY Law Firm, Nice, How to cancel a purchase made on the internet? 2022 Update