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There are four  major cases  to be able to apply for French nationality . It is easily obtained if you were born in France and still reside there after the age of 11. In other cases, the French administration will study the case at length before rendering its decision. In case of refusal, it is  possible  to make a new request.

If my spouse is French

You must have been married for 4 years or in a PACS for 5 years. The couple must prove the community of affective and material life. The foreign spouse must have sufficient knowledge of the French language and not have been in an irregular situation in France. The request is made to the registry of the tribunal de grande instance of his domicile. In the event of refusal of registration, the refusal may be contested before the tribunal de grande instance within 6 months.

If I was born in France to foreign parents

This acquisition takes place by the sole effect of the law of the majority. You must have resided in France as usual for 5 years since the age of 11. It is therefore important to keep all the documents proving this residence: school books, school certificates, etc. You must contact the tribunal de grande instance of your place of residence. A number of documents are requested to verify that the conditions are met.

If I have lived in France for more than 5 years

You must be of legal age and have resided regularly in France for more than 5 years with a regularly renewed residence permit. You must prove your stability on French territory by having a job, housing, etc. The prefecture summons the person to an interview to check their command of the French language. The request is made to the minister in charge of naturalization. Within a maximum period of 18 months, the Minister announces whether the request is accepted or not. Naturalization is then pronounced by decree. The decisions of rejection or adjournment must be reasoned. They are subject to appeal before the administrative court.

If I do my higher education in France

Foreign students can apply for naturalization if they can show proof of habitual residence for at least two years to acquire a diploma issued by a French university or higher education establishment. The administration will verify the nature of the studies and the skills of the student. It will be more favorable if he studies for whom the outlets are more important. The request is addressed to the minister in charge of naturalization.
NB: French nationality may exceptionally be granted to foreigners who do not meet all the conditions required to obtain it.This is the particular case of French-speaking foreigners (athletes, business leaders, etc.) who contribute by their distinguished action to the influence of France and the prosperity of its economic and social relations.
In this case, naturalization may be granted to them, if they so request, on the proposal of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The prefecture or the consulate, which receives the request from the foreigner, transmits it to the Minister for Foreign Affairs who transmits it with his opinion to the Minister in charge of naturalization. Note that this hypothesis is very rare but must be mentioned.
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