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In today’s tough job market, some people may be tempted to embellish their resumes or even fabricate diplomas in order to get a job. However, it is crucial to recognize the seriousness of such actions, as they can lead to serious consequences for both  employees and employers  .

Implications for employees: –

For the employee, the repercussions of a falsification of diplomas can be significant. First, the employment contract can be terminated for fraud if the employer can prove that the individual would not have been hired without the false references. Although this is a rare occurrence due to the difficulty of proving such a claim, it is still a possibility. In addition, the employee may be dismissed for serious misconduct, and in the event of forgery and use of forgery, he may be sentenced to a sentence of up to three years in prison and a fine of up to 45,000 euros.
Employers, on the other hand, are responsible for verifying the authenticity of diplomas during the hiring process. The Court of Cassation applies strict guidelines in this regard. Failure to properly verify credentials can prevent an employer from firing an employee for fraudulent qualifications. In one notable case, an employer was unable to terminate a sportscaster’s contract because they failed to verify the individual’s qualifications during the hiring process. In addition, employers must act promptly upon discovering the deception; otherwise, they risk losing the opportunity to complain of serious misconduct. The period for legal action in social law is generally two months from the discovery of the fraudulent act.

Verification of diplomas and management of deception: –

If you find yourself affected by a situation involving falsified diplomas, it is crucial to seek professional advice. The expertise of a qualified law firm can provide effective advice in navigating the legal complexities surrounding such cases. Maître DAMY , a renowned law firm based in Nice, is at your disposal to offer you complete assistance in dealing with these questions.

In conclusion, the falsification of diplomas for employment purposes can have serious legal and practical consequences. Employees and employers must understand the potential risks involved and adhere to appropriate legal procedures to ensure a   fair and trustworthy work environment.