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An administrative court condemns the State to compensate teachers for moral damage

In a series of judgments on July 13, 2012, the  Administrative Court  of Melun rendered a significant judgment, holding the State responsible for compensating several teachers for the moral damage caused by the insecurity within their school. . The court upheld the claim for compensation for the non-pecuniary damage suffered by the teachers and pointed out the administration’s inability to implement the appropriate measures to ensure the protection of the teaching staff.

The court accepted that the applicant’s concerns were justified by asserting that the administration had not taken sufficient measures to ensure the safety and security of the teaching staff, in particular in the particular school mentioned in the case. It considered this failure to implement adequate security measures as a manifest breach of the State’s responsibility towards Ms L, one of the teachers concerned, and considered her to be entitled to  compensation  .

Ruling highlights inadequate measures and compensation for moral damages

The court explicitly recognizes the existence of a moral prejudice caused by the insecurity prevailing at Ms L’s work. This recognition was important because it underlined the harmful impact of the dangerous environment on the well-being and mental health teachers. The court ruling clarified that the existence of such damages was not disputed by any party involved in the case.

Consequently, the court finds that the State is liable and orders Mrs. L to pay the sum of 500 euros in compensation for the moral damage she has suffered. This judgment illustrates the Court’s commitment to protecting the rights and well-being of educators and reinforces the importance of implementing adequate security measures in educational institutions.

The judgment highlighted the insufficiency of the measures taken by the administration to protect the teachers of the mentioned school, underlining the failure of the administration to fulfill its duty. By emphasizing the need for compensation, the court recognized the importance of remedying the moral harm caused by job insecurity, thus setting a precedent for future cases.

All in all, the series of judgments handed down by the Administrative Court of Melun on July 13, 2012 had considerable implications. She condemned the State for its negligence in implementing the appropriate security measures, upheld the claim for compensation for the moral damage suffered by the teachers and underlined the importance of safeguarding the well-being of the educators. This decision reiterated the State’s responsibility to ensure a safe and secure environment for teachers and students, fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning and personal growth.