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Publication de la deuxième loi de finances rectificative pour 2012
Building Restoration In order to provide clarity and guidance regarding the income tax reduction outlined in Article 199 series of the General Tax Code, the French government issued Decree No. 2012-992 on August 23, 2012. This decree specifies the declarative conditions that taxpayers must meet to benefit from this tax reduction.

The Income Tax Reduction Provision:-

Article 199 series of the General Tax Code offers an income tax reduction to eligible taxpayers based on the expenses incurred for the complete restoration of a built building situated in various designated areas. These areas include protected sectors, degraded old districts, architectural, urban, and landscape heritage protection zones, and architectural and heritage enhancement areas.

The Decree’s Clarifications:-

Decree No. 2012-992 aims to provide clear guidelines on the formalities that taxpayers need to fulfill to claim the income tax reduction outlined in Article 199 series. By specifying these declarative conditions, the decree ensures a transparent and standardized process for taxpayers seeking to benefit from this tax incentive.

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By implementing Decree No. 2012-992, the French government has taken a step towards promoting the restoration of historic and degraded areas while providing taxpayers with an opportunity to reduce their income tax liability. This decree clarifies the procedures and requirements necessary to avail oneself of the income tax reduction, ensuring fairness and compliance in the tax system.

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