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A   current  employee is not required to inform  his employer of his state of health , it is a matter of privacy. Likewise, when hiring, the employer does not have the right to ask medical questions, but a pre-employment visit to an occupational doctor is obligatory to verify that the person is physically fit. at work.


An employee is not required to inform the employer of his state of health, whether he suffers from an illness or a disability. This information is a matter of confidentiality. The work stoppage does not mention the reason for the absence and no other information is provided to the employer by the treating doctor or health insurance. When a woman is pregnant, there is no legal deadline for announcing her pregnancy. However, she is required to inform Social Security of her pregnancy within fourteen weeks and it is recommended that she also inform her employer within the same period.


During a job interview, the employer is not allowed to ask for information about the candidate’s state of health. However, a pre-employment medical examination with an occupational physician is mandatory to verify suitability for the position. Examinations such as urine tests may also be prescribed in the case of a job with a security requirement. The results will not be communicated to the employer and the occupational physician will only issue a notice of suitability or unsuitability for the position.

Considerations for Health Disclosure to Employers

This section explores the important considerations surrounding disclosing one’s health status to an employer. Employees often grapple with the decision of whether or not to inform their employer of their medical condition, taking into account various factors such as privacy, workplace accommodations and legal protections. Disclosure of health information to an employer can enable the employer to provide necessary support, reasonable accommodations, and a conducive work environment. However, concerns about potential discrimination, stigma, and privacy violations also come into play. This column delves into the complexities of deciding whether to inform an employer about one’s health,

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