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To dispute your fines , several  possibilities  are available to you. The remedies, the right steps and the steps to follow to assert your right will be detailed here.

The right approach

It is illusory to contest a fine if you are not sure that you are within your rights. Similarly, it is useless to contest a fine already paid, because the payment of the fine is worth recognition  of  the offense by the motorist and therefore makes any appeal inadmissible. Moreover, the payment of the fine should not be confused with the deposit of the amount of this fine: the deposit is a sum of money which will be blocked for the duration of the appeal procedure.


It was set up to avoid abusive appeals. The consignment is not a payment but the blocking of a sum of money. It does not give rise to a deduction of points. Consignment is mandatory in certain cases: speeding, non-respect of safety distances, non-respect of reserved lanes and non-respect of stop signs. In all other cases, you will not be required to file for a remedy. It is preferable to make this request online at, or by buying a “dematerialized” fine stamp, payable at La Poste and in tobacconists approved for “telepayment of fines”. A proof of deposit will be given to you. The latter will be asked if your appeal is successful to obtain the return of the sum of money deposited.

Exemption appeal

This is one of the two possible modes of contestation. It must be filed within 45 days of the notice of issuance of a fine, that is to say the day the fine is deposited on the windshield. Address this request to the service mentioned on the back of the fine. This appeal must be sent by registered mail in four cases: speeding, non-compliance with safety distances, non-compliance with reserved lanes and non-compliance with stop signs. For all other cases, even if it is not compulsory, it is nevertheless preferable to make this request by registered letter. You must also make a photocopy of all the documents that you attach to this appeal for exemption (photograph, testimonials, etc.) to specify the grounds for your appeal.


This is the challenge of a notice of payment of an increased fixed fine: the increased fine is the fine that one receives when one has not paid a fixed fine. You must make this claim within 30 days of the date the payment notice was sent, not the date it was received. This complaint must be addressed to the Public Prosecutor, enclosing the original of the notice of payment as well as proof of the security deposit, the deposit being compulsory to lodge a complaint. In the event of receipt of a notice of payment of an increased fixed fine, you can either contest the infringement or contest the increased nature of this fine. In the second case, simply indicate that you have not received the basic fine.

How to claim your right?

To dispute a report, it is best to obtain a copy. If you’ve been flashed, it’s also best to ask for the photo. If you have been photographed from behind, you will be able to contest the fine. It’s unstoppable. For this, contact the public prosecutor’s office. This request is free. The statements contained in these minutes are authentic until proven otherwise. You can try to establish your good faith by providing a photograph, certificates from local residents and/or the employer. However, the report affixed to the windshield should not be confused with the report, which alone is authentic before the court. Also note that at the time of the ticket, if you do not agree with the officer, you are not obliged to sign the ticket. However,
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