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More than one in five French people  is over 60 years old. Indeed, there are more and morehome help  services .


This assistance is set up to deal with urgent and temporary situations, such as discharge from hospital. Coverage is 80%, up to a limit of 1,350 euros per quarter. You must be at least 55 years old and in receipt of an annuity, a pension or an allowance from the old-age insurance fund. There are also some means of testing. To benefit from it, contact your old-age insurance fund (Cnav). This aid is renewable once.


Nursing or hygiene care takes place directly in the elderly person’s home to help them before hospitalization or on their return from hospital. To benefit from it, you must be over 60 years old and in a situation of dependency, or be under 60 years old and suffer from a chronic illness, a disability, or a serious pathology. This assistance is 100% covered by medical prescription.


This service is temporary. It stops as soon as the person concerned regains his or her autonomy. The latter is not provided by all communities. It is therefore advisable to inquire with the town hall of his residence to find out if it offers this service and its possible cost. Meal delivery is most often provided by associations, hostels-restaurants, or retirement homes.


This service is offered to all seniors to enable them to obtain meals at a lower cost. Find out more from your municipal social action center (CCAS). To benefit from it, you must not earn more than 7,300 euros per year.


This system allows the elderly person, in the event of a fall or discomfort, to send an alert message. You will thus have the possibility of informing the security PC which in turn will inform the emergency services. It is an expensive system, but it can be supported by the department or the municipality.
DAMY law firm , Nice, Assistance to dependent elderly people, Update 2022