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The decree published in the Official Journal of July 3, 2012 partially restores retirement at sixty.

Indeed with this decree, retirement will therefore be possible from the age of 60 for employees who started at 18 and have their entire contribution period (41 or 41.5 years depending on the year of birth ) . These are long careers and these people will be able to retire at 60, instead of 62 currently, with a full pension. The measure would come into force on November 1.

This measure is part of the long-career system allowing exceptions to the legal age for drawing up a full-rate pension under certain conditions. It relaxes certain criteria required for people who started working at 18 or 19 years old (compared to 17 years to date) and contributed the duration required for their generation (compared to an increase of 8 quarters in the insurance period required today). today). This new feature affects policyholders of all pension schemes: employees in the private sector, traders and craftsmen, employees and agricultural operators, civil servants, liberal professions, etc. Furthermore, in order not to penalize people who have experienced career accidents, it is planned to take into account 2 quarters validated over periods of unemployment in the calculation of the number of annuities.

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