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Consumer Sales  The implementation of sales is governed by certain rules and regulations aimed at protecting the rights of consumers . During sale periods, sale items must be clearly identifiable to consumers. The consumer has the right to exchange or be reimbursed for items with non-apparent manufacturing defects or after-sales service problems, even if the item bears the words “neither taken back nor exchanged”. However, for visible defects or stains, there is no  warranty  .

Consumer rights during sales periods: –

These rules also apply to online sales. Consumers have the right to return any item within 14 days of delivery. In addition, the discount offered during sales must be calculated on the basis of a reference price. This reference price must not exceed the lowest price displayed in the 30 days preceding the start of the sales. It may also be the manufacturer’s or importer’s recommended price if it is commonly charged by other retailers. Any deviation from this rule or misleading and misleading advertising may result in penalties under the Consumer Code.

Calculation of discounts and reference prices: –

For more complete information on sales regulations, you can refer to our previous brief on this subject. If you have other questions, Maître DAMY Grégory can provide answers and assistance. You can reach him at

It is important that retailers and consumers understand these rules to ensure fair practices during sale periods. By adhering to these regulations, retailers can maintain transparency and avoid penalties, while consumers can make informed decisions and exercise their rights when purchasing  sale items  .