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The group action (or “class action”) allows a large number of people to sue a company or an institution, to obtain moral or financial compensation. Will she arrive in France?


  • A group action desired but still delayed
  • Better justice for consumers?
  • The speculative drift: the American example
  • A “French-style” group action: what implementation?
  • What is delaying the arrival of group actions in France?
  • And elsewhere in Europe?

This group action has been instituted. Nevertheless, she did not meet the success she has in the USA. The reason is simple. The power to intervene is left to consumer associations which do not have the means to finance group actions.

It is therefore necessary to allow lawyers to launch class actions in France.

The DAMY Law Firm is a partner of American lawyers launching a class action in the United States for European individuals ( find out more on the VictimAction site ).

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