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Crash Awareness! What are the first steps to take after an  accident  ? What to do in the event of a hit-and-run? If we are hurt?


The law requires you to have signaling instruments in your vehicle, namely a fluorescent vest and a warning triangle. These signaling instruments must be within easy reach and therefore must not be stored in the boot.
In the event of an accident, the driver must get to safety, i.e. on the sidewalk and out of sight of other cars if he is in town, or behind the safety rail if he is on the motorway . If ever the driver were to have a second accident due to lack of vigilance, especially when he gets out of his vehicle, the insurance may blame him and reduce his right to compensation. So you have to be as rigorous as possible.

If there is a hit-and-run

Crash Awareness! Hit and run is the act of causing an accident and attempting to escape civil or criminal liability by not stopping. In the event of a hit-and-run by a responsible third party, it is important to gather a minimum of evidence: license plate of the vehicle that is trying to flee, identity and contact details of any witnesses… Then, you must file a complaint immediately with these elements, then send a statement to your insurance (which will only be completed by you), with a copy of the complaint filed.
In the event of a personal injury accident, if the  driver of the leaked vehicle has not been found, or if it is found but does not have insurance, be aware that a guarantee fund will cover your compensation. If the driver of the vehicle is found, you have the option, in this particular case, of becoming a civil party to his trial to claim damages.

If I’m hurt

If you are able to do so, you must immediately call the emergency services and the police, and secure the scene – without forgetting to bring a vest – so that there are no more accidents. In the event of an accident with serious injuries, you will be fully covered. In the case of an accident with minor injuries, it is strongly advised to be hospitalized because if injuries were to occur later, it would be necessary to demonstrate the causal link between the damage and the accident to obtain compensation.
Be careful what you are going to say because it is the police who write the report and your words are binding on you. You must therefore read the report carefully because a declaration different from that declared when taking out your insurance contract (if, for example, you were driving as the main driver, whereas you are declared as a second driver in the insurance) will result in the nullity of the contract: consequently, the insurance will not cover your damages, and no compensation will be paid to you.
DAMY law firm , Nice, Reflexes in the event of a road accident, Update 2022