Professional lease




The professional lease contract is an agreement by which an owner (the lessor) rents to a third party (the lessee) a property assigned to the exclusive exercise of a non-commercial activity (liberal professions or similar, association…) or, craft where there is no craft fund The professional lease must be established in writing. It provides for the amount of rent that can be fixed. As a general rule, it is indexed to the construction cost index. The term of the professional lease must be at least equal to 6 years. The lessee may at any time notify the lessor, by registered letter with return receipt or by bailiff’s act, of his intention to leave the premises, subject to a notice period of 6 months. As for the lessor, he is bound for the entire duration of the lease but may refuse to renew it by notification (registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, or bailiff’s writ) sent to the lessee at least 6 months before the end of the lease.


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