Motion for exemption – PV irregularity




You parked your car badly and you were fined. You may contest the parking ticket within 45 days of the offence being detected. You must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the service indicated on the ticket notice. You may contest a parking report if it does not contain the information required by articles 429 and 430 of the Code of Criminal Procedure or if one of these information is incorrect. For example, it may be: the nature, place and date of the offence, the legal text providing for it, the registration number and type of vehicle, the signature of the enforcement officer, the number of his staff number and the indication of his department. You can also challenge the materiality of the offence, that is, whether it was committed. In practice, this amounts to contradicting the word of the sworn police officer who drew up the report. It is up to you to provide proof to the contrary to the offence noted by the ticket notice (testimonies, photos, documents proving the presence of the vehicle at another location…). Attention: you must attach to your registered letter a check as a deposit.


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