Leave with renewal offer



You have leased a commercial space and you wish to give your tenant time off with an offer to renew under the terms of the new lease agreement. The leave must be given at least six months before the expiry of the commercial lease by bailiff. You must indicate precisely in the leave the reasons for which it is given. You must also quote Article L. 145-9 paragraph 2 of the Commercial Code which allows the tenant either to contest the leave or to claim eviction compensation within two years from the date for which the leave was granted. When the initial lease has been concluded for a term of more than nine years, you may, when renewing it, set a new rent that is no longer subject to the ceiling provided by law. Be careful however not to propose a rent whose amount would be too high because the tenant always has the faculty to contest the amount of the revised rent before the judge of the commercial rents.


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