Leave for legitimate and serious reasons by registered letter



You have given a premises for residential use to be rented and you wish to terminate the lease at its expiry because you have a legitimate and serious reason such as the tenant’s non-performance of his obligations. It may also involve the tenant’s breach of its legal and contractual obligations. The violation must be serious and sufficiently serious to justify a lack of renewal of the lease and forfeiture of the title of occupation (for example for non-payment of the rent or repeated delays in the payment of the rent). You must deliver the leave to your tenant either by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by bailiff’s deed at least six months before the expiry date of the lease. You must indicate in the leave indicates the alleged reason. However, it is preferable to remind the tenant of the effects of the leave which ends the rental and obliges him to leave the premises for the effective date of the leave, after having fulfilled his rental obligations.


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