Fixed-term contract




The fixed-term employment contract (fixed-term contract) is highly regulated by the law, which considers that recourse to this type of contract must remain subsidiary. To be valid, a fixed-term contract must be drawn up in writing. It must contain a definition of the reason for which the employee was hired on a fixed-term basis. Such a contract can be used to replace an employee or when the company has to face a temporary increase in its activity. The fixed-term contract must also indicate the assignments for which the employee was hired. In the absence of such information, the judge has the possibility of reclassifying the fixed-term contract as an open-ended contract. The fixed-term contract may not be terminated by the parties, except by mutual agreement, gross and flagrant misconduct of the employee or employer or if the latter is absolutely unable to honour the contract. It therefore ends on the date set at departure. The maximum total duration of a fixed-term contract is generally 18 months.


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