Declaration at the registry of the court of proximity of the court




Any individual may apply to the local court, by declaration to the registry (article 847-1, 1406, 1425-1, of the Code of Civil Procedure, article L. 331-2-1 of the Code of Judicial Organisation) for the following disputes : personal and movable disputes under 4,000 euros. Disputes relating to the return of security deposits (commonly referred to as “security”, deposited when signing a residential lease) of less than 4,000 euros Disputes concerning the performance of an obligation of less than 4,000 euros. order for payment procedures injunction proceedings The local judge with territorial jurisdiction is in principle that of the defendant’s domicile. However, disputes relating to immovable property (such as disputes concerning the deposit) are brought before the court of the location of the property concerned. In matters relating to an order for payment, the competent court is that of the debtor’s domicile. In matters of the obligation to do, jurisdiction rests with the choice, the court of the place where the defendant resides, or the court of the place of performance of the obligation. The procedure is oral. The referral is made by simple delivery to the registry office, or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. In NICE, the local court office is located in the Rusca Palace, opposite the courthouse. The form of the declaration to the registry must meet the requirements of articles 58 and 847-1, paragraph 2, of the New Code of Civil Procedure, under penalty of nullity. That is why we offer you a model that complies with the legal requirements, so that you do not encounter the rejection of your request.


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