Convening of employee delegates regular monthly meeting


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As an employer, you must organize a monthly meeting of the collective employee delegates. This is a legal obligation which must be complied with and the failure to comply may be penalised under the offence of obstruction. The staff delegates to be convened are the “titular members” and the “alternates”, the latter being responsible for compensating for the absences and impediments of the former and replacing them. Necessary and sufficient time should be devoted to the consideration of delegates’ questions and complaints. Therefore, you cannot impose too short a time on each item, or refuse to devote sufficient overall time to the entire meeting to exhaust all the items in the delegates’ note. All questions and complaints regularly included in the delegates’ notes must be addressed and dealt with during the meeting. When staff delegates are consulted and/or give an opinion, only full delegates vote (and alternates replace absent full delegates).


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