Assignment in contestation of a co-ownership meeting




Challenging a decision by the General Assembly of co-ownership is subject to strict conditions that you must respect. Indeed, only decisions that violate a regulatory or legislative text can be challenged. For example, if the assembly refused to release appropriations to carry out the compulsory asbestos research, or if the law of 1965 was not respected (you were not convened to the general assembly, a decision not included in the agenda was voted.). Similarly, you can only act if: you voted against the decision you are challenging you were absent and not represented at the meeting If you voted for or abstained because you were lax, your challenge will have no chance of succeeding. The time limit for contesting an AG decision is two months from receipt of the registered letter. The summons before the TGI is then possible. In this case, legal representation is mandatory. The purpose of this assignment model is to highlight the main elements that must be contained in the assignment.


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