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La société d’avocats Damy

La Société d'avocats Damy à Nice assure une prestation de haut niveau, de la consultation d’un avocat à la représentation en justice. Les avocats du cabinet sont compétents en droit des affaires, des sociétés, droit immobilier, droit bancaire, droit social, droit des victimes et cas de dommages corporels. Membre de l’Association des avocats praticiens en droit social, Maître Grégory Damy dispose de certificats de spécialisation.  

Fees are too often unknown, misunderstood and as a consequence seen as arbitrary. The pricing applied by the DAMY Law Firm is completely transparent.

The fees of the DAMY Law Firm are determined (except for particular services which are subject to special tariffs) by referring to the time spent carrying out professional services and are charged at an hourly rate (excluding tax) fixed by the Firm.

The pricing terms are based on the number of hours of work per case, i.e.:
- €240/hour of work (tax included),
- or €360/ hour of work in areas of specialty (commercial law and fiscal law - tax included).


The calculation of hours as well as the amount of fees is carried out by a software programme, which will indicate the details of the services and their duration. A copy of the time sheet can be submitted to the client upon request.
It is possible to agree in advance on a fixed number of hours and the amount of the retainer required and to conclude a fee agreement.


a) The services of the DAMY Law Firm will be billed according to the following terms:
- for each procedure, an initial retainer will be set in accordance with the foreseeable importance of the case

- then a monthly charge for the services (taking into consideration the amount of the retainer initially requested).
b) An additional lump-sum retainer may also be requested:
- when the case becomes subject to an appeal procedure;
- if the matter engenders additional procedures before distinct jurisdictions
- in a general manner when the development of the case justifies it.

For any appearance before the Tribunal de Grande Instance of NICE, the DAMY Law Firm will apply the legal pricing under law no. 71-1130 of 31 December 1971, of decree 60-323 of 2 April 1960 and more generally the terms of the law of 10 July 1991.
For any appearance before the Tribunaux de Grande Instance outside of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of NICE, the expenses and costs will be billed directly to the client by the correspondent chosen by Firm DAMY.

At the end of the procedure or the closure of the case by the the DAMY Law Firm when it has completed its mission, a bill for additional fees will be issued taking into account the result (if there was a gain for the client or a loss that was avoided for him or her). These fees are calculated according to a percentage that is in keeping with the practices of the profession in relation to the range of the amount in question and charged with the agreement of the client:
>- from 3,810 to 22,865
9 %
- from 22,865 to 45,735
7 %
- from 45,735 to 91,470
4 %
- over 91,470
2 %

The fees of the DAMY Law Firm do not include:
- the costs and expenses which will be additionally charged,
- the bailiff and solicitor expenses at the Court of Appeal, the lawyer fees at the State Council and the Court of Cassation,
- agent fees at the Monaco or Paris courts,
- procedure or advertising expenses connected to the seizure of real estate or licitation. Expenses and costs of any kind whatsoever, and particularly the bailiff expenses and the retainers from experts and external representation fees and others, without this list being of an exhaustive nature, are payable by the client.