The floor area (SDP) is, in France, a unit of calculation of the building surfaces created by the ordinance n ° 2011-1539 of November 16th, 2011, relating to the definition of the surfaces of floor taken into account in the law of the urban planning, and Decree No. 2011-2054 of 29 December 2011, which, from 1 March 2012, is used to issue building permits and other planning permission.

To obtain the floor area of ​​a building, it is necessary to measure the surfaces of each level, both enclosed and covered, calculated from the inside of the facades, and then to take into account a certain number of surface deductions. listed in its article R. 112-2.

This new definition of floor area intends to promote the construction of energy-efficient buildings and generalize the label BBC (Low Energy Building), soon mandatory, which was once penalized by the old mode of surface determination.

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