For several years now, controversies have been emerging over the effects of weedkillers, particularly Roundup, which is well known by farmers and Sunday gardeners alike.

The increasing number of trials are aimed at demonstrating the dangerousness of glyphosate contained in large quantities in these products in particular.

In the United States, the judges did not hesitate to strongly condemn the company Mossanto, owned by the giant Bayer since June 2018. Last March, a man received no less than $81 million. The Californian judges ruled in favour of this plaintiff who demonstrated that he had developed blood cancer because of the repeated use of the weedkiller in his garden for more than 20 years.

Bayer appealed this decision, but this is not the first time that the American judges have recognized this responsibility on the part of this manufacturer.

A US court has just ordered Mossanto, in 2019, to pay 2 billion euros in damages. The company obviously appealed against this very severe sentence.

In France, in 2018, two parents assigned the same company to have its responsibility recognized for the malformations suffered by their son, now 11 years old. Since his birth he had to be operated on because of various malformations including the oesophagus. Since his birth he will have had more than fifty surgeries and his life is very complicated. Her mother used the famous weed killer at the very beginning of her pregnancy (when she didn't know it), which would have caused the malformations on the fetus.

Emmanuel Macron has undertaken to make glyphosate disappear in France by 2021, a challenge that specialists believe is difficult to meet, particularly in the field of agriculture, which uses this product on a massive scale. Let us hope that healthier alternatives will be found soon.

To be continued.......

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