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The contract termination allows the employer and the employee on a permanent contract (CDI) to agree by mutual agreement on the conditions of termination of the employment contract between them.

However, this mode of termination of the employment contract provided for by law is open to certain employees subject to conditions. For example, a contractual termination of the employment contract in a context of harassment is not valid. This is what the Court of Cassation has just ruled in a recent case.

An employee, on sick leave for a depressive state directly linked to her working conditions and victim of moral harassment by the employer, had to sign a collective agreement on the same day she returned to work.

In the case of the judges, where a breach of agreement occurs in such circumstances, the employee's consent could not be freely given. Consequently, this break-up produces the effects of a dismissal without real and serious cause, giving rise to the right to damages.

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