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La société d’avocats Damy

La Société d'avocats Damy à Nice assure une prestation de haut niveau, de la consultation d’un avocat à la représentation en justice. Les avocats du cabinet sont compétents en droit des affaires, des sociétés, droit immobilier, droit bancaire, droit social, droit des victimes et cas de dommages corporels. Membre de l’Association des avocats praticiens en droit social, Maître Grégory Damy dispose de certificats de spécialisation.  

This model is based on Article 145 of the New Code of Civil Procedure. It should be used following an accident resulting in injury (especially personal injury). Its objective is to ask the judge, in summary proceedings, for the contradictory appointment of an expert, with the task of: summon the parties and obtain any documents he/she deems useful. collect the victim's statements and complaints

1/ In respect of temporary property damage before consolidation determine the amount of health care expenses incurred by Miss/Mrs/Ms. .... following the accident, not covered by Social Security. These include the purchase of a wheelchair, medical records, medical records, hospitalization expenses..., osteopathic treatment, ambulance transportation, and functional rehabilitation expenses. estimate the amount of miscellaneous expenses incurred by Miss/Mrs/Ms. .... as a result of the accident, in particular, his damaged personal belongings, expenses related to the assistance of a third party at home, the Doctor's fees... relating to expert assistance. Determine current job losses.

2 / Permanent financial losses after consolidation Assess future health expenditure Determine possible expenses for assistance by a third party To quantify the loss of future professional earnings Determine, as a result of permanent disability, including Miss/Ms/Ms. .... is still achieved after consolidation, if the latter suffers prejudice affecting his professional activity other than that resulting from loss of income.

3/ In respect of temporary extra-patrimonial losses before consolidation determine the nature, duration and extent of the temporary functional deficiency suffered Miss/Mrs/Ms. .… describe and assess the suffering endured by Miss/Mrs/Ms. ... from the facts to consolidation describe and assess the temporary aesthetic harm suffered by Miss/Mrs/Ms. .…

4 / In respect of permanent extra-patrimonial losses after consolidation Assess the consistency of the damage caused by a possible permanent functional deficit remaining after consolidation Determine the loss of pleasure suffered by Miss/Mrs/Ms. ...., particularly with regard to the activities he practiced before the accident: skiing, combat sports, swimming, jogging, etc. Describe and evaluate the permanent aesthetic harm suffered by Miss/Mrs/Ms. .… Assess the sexual, institutional and reproductive harm suffered by Miss/Mrs/Ms. .… Determine the consistency of the non-material harm suffered by Miss/Mme/Ms. .… The expert shall file his report with the court registry within 3 months from the date of his referral.