It used to be called indecent exposure, but today it is sexual exposure. For it to be characterized, there must have been a clear willingness to publicly exhibit prohibited behaviours such as sexual acts, obscene gestures or nudity. But what is the limit of what can be done in public and private? When can we be sued?

In a public place

In principle, if the act takes place in a public place, it can be sanctioned. For example, if there is sexual intercourse on a beach in the middle of the day. On the other hand, if this happens at night, the willingness to be seen is difficult to prove. Similarly, if the behaviour takes place in a place that is not easily accessible to the public, as in the middle of the countryside, the willingness to hide is obvious.

In a private place

There is an exhibition in a private place if people can see you. For example, if you are naked at home knowing that you can easily be seen. Or in his car, which is a private place, it depends on where the vehicle is. For example, if the car is out of sight or if the car is parked in a busy street.

What are the risks?

If one is prosecuted for sexual exhibition, one is tried before the criminal court. Either one person has filed a complaint or the police have stopped you. This could result in one year's imprisonment and/or a fine of 15,000 euros. The sentence depends on the severity of the sexual exposure.

Lawyers Society DAMY, Nice, When is there sexual exhibition? Updating 2017