The government's watchword is to tighten compensation conditions to encourage a quick return to employment and also to punish companies that are on short-term contracts. Thus, the government intends to save around 3 billion euros and provide employment for more than 250,000 people.

- Conditions for access to unemployment insurance: the project provides that you must have contributed at least 6 months over the previous 2 years (compared to 4 months over 2 years and 4 months currently) and you must have worked at least 6 months (compared to 1 month currently) to extend your benefit period accordingly.

- Short contracts are in the viewfinder. To limit them, the government wants to set up a bonus/malus system for companies that abuse them, such as in the restaurant or hotel sectors. Sanctions will be put in place to prevent their use.

- Jobseeking executives will have their compensation reduced by 30% from the 7th month of compensation (except for people over 57 years of age and those whose income was less than 4,500 euros). Surprising given that it is precisely the executives who contribute the most to unemployment insurance! This reform is currently only at the draft stage, to be followed.....

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