Maître Grégory Damy

Attorney at law - Doctor at law

Prohibiting that far any form of advertising, the law profession scheduled in 2010 his own on-line Web TV. This programm is aimed to raise news analysis topics through the prism of law..., and problems encountered in daily life.


This profession ensures that regulations, as dignity, are applied in order to prevent possible advertising abuses and allowing it to be "sober, neat and not too massive."


The Firm, first introduced, is followed by a relevant selection of instructional videos, non-exhaustive, providing contributions and reports with law as common focus. Intended for general guidance, this tool cannot become alternative in any case to specialized legal consulting.


Les champs disciplinaires susdits sont en perpétuelle évolution et nécessitent une mise à jour constante. Identifier, et comprendre, les règles de droit les plus à jour est indispensable pour pouvoir maîtriser les risques juridiques.